Janis Bass Concert Salon


Sample from a Dropover

click here to download an mp3 from Dropover 7 of the JBCS

Click the link above to listen to a five minute selection from the Salon’s baroque period repertoire.   I love this beautiful work and never get tired of hearing it.  I love the interplay and independence I hear in the three distinct voices that make up this work.  I find it extraordinary that this composer created a work for one instrument, played by one individual with 10 fingers, such that three voices “speak” distinctly together as well as make sense even if any one of these three voices is chosen to "speak" entirely alone. 

At a Dropover I first play this selection live and we then explore whatever interests you to learn about this great work of art. Because it has so many layers to its richness, your first time through the dropover sequence you might learn simply its name and a little of its history. As you cycle through the dropover sequence again, you may find yourself able to  recognize how the simple thematic material reoccurs and combines in new ways to form the complex but clear structural design of this phenomenal work.


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