Janis Bass Concert Salon

Experience classical music "at the drop of a hat!"


The JBCS/JBSC is dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment and understanding of the classical music repertoire by encouraging active participation as a listener, composer, and/or performer.
In this new method, the emphasis is on understanding and internalizing the unique characteristics of the composer and of the interpretation of the work. An important goal of the JBCS/JBSC is to learn to identify musical compositions without the aid of a program - through listening alone - and ultimately, to be able to write your own program notes for a full performance.
To accomplish this, the JBCS/JBSC, over the course of two years, takes you in depth into the works performed in a single concert. The participants first attend a series of informal individual sessions called "dropovers" to study a composition layer by layer from the inside at the listener's own pace--drop in "at the drop of a hat!" The culminating concert rewards these efforts towards active engagement with a rich, unforgettable experience.


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